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Barbara Halcrow has always felt inspired to support, encourage and help others. It was through a near-fatal accident that she was redirected to begin her life’s work as a social worker, trainer and healer. She received her BA from the University of Victoria, BC, followed by a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

On this healing and teaching path, Barbara travelled to diverse urban and rural communities in British Columbia, Manitoba and the Yukon Territory in Canada, as well as Seoul, South Korea. Her work primarily involved the areas of child protection, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health and addictions, and most recently, in adult/older adult health care. Barbara held several leadership roles across the health care continuum in acute care, rehabilitation, and community care sectors.

Spiritually, being an intuitive, empathic person, Barbara always felt a strong connection to the beauty and power of nature, and how that connecting energy flows through all of life. Over the years, this deep connection led to further spiritual development and energy studies at home and abroad.

Barbara studied at Stansted, England’s Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. She also trained in several levels of the Melchizedek Method from the Kamadon Academy, Australia, and further received certification in Reiki healing in Vancouver, Canada. Barbara has also completed a course in medical intuition from the International College of Medical Intuition, Inc. in BC, Canada.

Barbara believes that by offering ourselves more care and self-nourishment we will gain in personal strength and resilience. In this way, we can create swifter, positive changes in our lives, and we can also positively affect the lives of others.

You’ve got an opportunity to create the life you really want. Showing love, compassion and acceptance for all, of who you are, will absolutely help bring you the life you deserve.

~ Barbara Halcrow MSW

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