Self-care is about valuing yourself more deeply, in what you need for your own health, balance and joy in life

About The Author

Barbara Halcrow has always felt inspired to support, encourage and help others. It was through a near-fatal accident that she was redirected to begin her life’s work as a social worker, trainer and healer.

Barbara believes that by offering ourselves more care and self-nourishment we will gain in personal strength and resilience. In this way, we can create swifter, positive changes in our lives, and we can also positively affect the lives of others.

Barbara Halcrow MSW


Here are some of the Barbara's Essential Self-Care Course and Ultimate Self-Care Book Reviews

Book Review

"Barbara so eloquently speaks to a higher way of living and being. She openly shares her life and soul experiences and I really enjoyed the easy -to-follow visualizations and meditations to help elevate my vibration. 'Ultimate Self-Care' is a true gift and speaks to my soul as I navigate my life and grow my soul journey."

~ Debra Howell

Course Review

"This course is a wonderful guide to help us cope and look after ourselves, especially in these tumultuous times we live in. It provides guidance for every area of our lives and offers links to useful information. Best of all, it has been presented with warmth and compassion and I found it very inspiring. I highly recommend it. Thank you Barbara!"

~ Gisela Good

Book Review

"This book could not have come into my life at a better time. Having suffered 4 losses, I found myself struggling emotionally. Barbara’s insight gave me a deeper perspective of what I was feeling and how to help myself heal. I encourage everyone to read this book, struggling or not."

~ Kelly M

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