Part One and Part Two

An Online Self-Care Course

by Barbara Halcrow, MSW
Author: “Ultimate Self-Care
A Holistic Guide for Strength and Balance
in Changing Times”

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Course Description
Based in part, on the author’s recent publication, “Ultimate Self-Care, A Holistic Guide for Strength and Balance In Changing Times” (Balboa Press/Hay House) both of these courses are meant for anyone, in any walk of life, who is interested in strengthening their self-care practices – especially those who work in direct service industries, or who provide direct care to others at home and/or who are in the people-helping and teaching areas.

This course encourages participants’ awareness why mindful self-care practices are vital for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance, in order for us to manage the increased stresses, with the degree of systems and Earth changes occurring more frequently across the planet.

Along with an array of easy-to-use tools, exercises, articles, tip sheets and reference links, the author offers a compassionate, in-depth approach throughout, in addressing many of our work and homelife challenges.

Essential Self-Care, Part One and Essential Self-Care, Part Two: Some of the essential self-care areas include: barriers to our ability to practice self-care, recognizing and managing anxiety, stress and anger; creating healthy boundaries, ensuring an adequate support system, utilizing the power of gratitude, staying grounded and centered, clearing and raising your energy; as well as, how self-care is connected to Earth’s care; emergency preparedness, how to change unhealthy habits and successfully maintain your self-care strategies – and much more!

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